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Due to the current health crisis occuring globally, we have implemented systems in our processes to keep our clients' health and safety a top priority. As all industries are learning ways to best pivot, we continue to make the real estate process as seamless as possible by leveraging technology. 

As a prospective client, you can expect to be able to reach our team members through virtual meetings. 


Current buyers or sellers can expect the majority of the process to be handled virtually and through electronic means. As each of our clients may have different goals, we will strategize together on the best way to get you to your goals. 

As social distancing remains the best way to limit exposure to current health risks, we continue to ensure that any face to face meetings will be conducted as such. Our team members will be wearing facial coverings in effort to minimize risk to anyone we come in contact with. We will provide you with hand sanitizer during necessary showings and such showings shall be conducted 6 feet apart from one another. We also ask that our clients wear facial coverings for in person meetings in effort to minimize risk of the spread of the virus from one another; should you not have a mask or facial covering, our team will provide one for you. For listings, we will be coordinating with buyer's agents and their buyers on how to conduct their showings as well as providing the listing with items to keep buyers and sellers' health and safety a top priority. 

We will continue to keep you updated here and on all of our social platforms and emails. 

While this remains a challenging time for all of us, we are so grateful for your continued support and inspiration and your commitment to pivoting. We look forward to getting through this together!

Together in unity,

Nguyen Realty Group

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